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Beyond Stash World | Hohnoni

Beyond Stash World | Hohnoni


The Beyond Stash World series explores the humans behind the stickers and stationery that we have the pleasure of stocking. Learn more about what inspires your fave makers and where you can discover more of their creations.


Tell us a little about who you are and where your love of art and tattooing began?

Hello! I’m Lilith, though most people just call me Lily (she/they). I am a neurodiverse non-binary lesbian artist from Brisbane who works in animation and illustration. I’ve always been a big doodler, which my teachers really disliked; I think animated shows like Danny Phantom, The Secret Saturdays, and Naruto really inspired me as a kid. I really enjoyed worlds I could immerse myself in, and illustration was a tangible way to connect with those worlds. I guess I was a bit of an escapist as a kid!


Tell us about your creative space.

I would say I have 2 creative spaces, my primary one is in the study at my desk with my fiancé in the same small room, blind box figurines at my side with a cinnamon candle burning and a reddit “Am I The Asshole” video playing through my earphones.


The second one is when I’m walking/using the treadmill at the gym while listening to music. Movement is very important to me as a neurodiverse person, as it expresses energy that gets all bundled up from overstimulation throughout the day. It really relaxes the creative part of my brain, so I find this is where I get a lot of ideas for things to create/draw.


What inspired you to start your business?

Honestly, as a lesbian, it’s difficult to find pieces of pride stickers that I genuinely connect with. A lot of it is very flag centric, which as important as it is, it simply does not completely communicate the spiritual nature of being gay.


To me, being a lesbian is artwork, it’s connecting to a god that I can’t find in any church. Personally, what I connect with when it comes to expressing my pride as a lesbian is ancient Greece. As a trans person, it’s Joan of Arc dying for their authentic self-expression (because let’s not get it twisted, they were burnt at the stake for wearing men’s garb, directly opposing what the church demanded of them). It’s butch’s providing and protecting their femmes from being subjected to a life of constantly being harassed by toxic men in the 1960’s.


What I’m trying to say is that a flag can only communicate so much, and I want to create art that actually represents what it feel’s like to be queer. That’s what inspired me to start my business.


Tell us about the inspiration behind some of the pieces you’ve made and designed.

Oh, this one’s easy. Generally, Ancient Greece and artwork from/about the Greek Pantheon are massively influential. Specifically, I adore an Australian artist called Mayticks who creates stunning sapphic artwork based on ancient Greek/Roman history. She has been a massive influence on my artwork recently, and I really recommend checking her art out. Leslie Feinberg’s books Stone Butch Blues and Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman are also pieces that have really influenced the creative road that I follow today.


Who’s your favourite singer or band at the moment?

It it’s a very strange three-way tie between Bo Burnham, ZAND, and Radiohead. All of them are great to listen to, just for them I’m needing to vibe out different feelings (ZAND is especially great for when I’m feeling especially angry and/or gay).


Are you a sticker user or do you hoard them?

Very much a user. I occasionally hoard if I know I have an important item that will need a sticker smothering in the near future and find a sticker that will look perfect on it. Doesn’t stop me from getting anxious every time I go to place a sticker on a surface though!


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making your art?

I enjoy watching TV shows and movies in bed with my partner, baking, and occasionally exercising at the gym. I also collect blind box figurines and am currently obsessed with the Skull Panda dolls.


Of course, we have to ask, what’s your favourite piece you’ve made?

Right now, it’s my Persephone at sunset piece. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve attempted lineless art, and I feel it came out very well. The lighting on it feels very romantic, and I like drawing people with more diverse bodies and stretch marks. I want to make more art of her and a lady Hades in the future being a pair of sappy sapphics.  


Where can we find you? 


Email for commissions:

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