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Beyond Stash World | Fleur & Fable

Beyond Stash World | Fleur & Fable


The Beyond Stash World series explores the humans behind the stickers and stationery that we have the pleasure of stocking. Learn more about what inspires your fave makers and where you can discover more of their creations.


Tell us a little about who you are and where your love of bookplates and stamps began?

Hello! I'm Jess, and I own Fleur & Fable, a shop specialising in bookplates. Bookplates are illustrated labels or stamps that are placed on the inside front cover of a book to identify the owner. They've been used for 500+ years but have fallen out of fashion but it's my hope I can revive interest in the art form!


Please describe your creative space – whether it's your art studio or the backyard.

I have a loft in my bedroom which I use as my art studio - it's got timber walls, wooden beams in the roof, and views of the Sydney skyline! It feels like a cozy cabin and also feels like I'm in one of my drawings. It's very conducive to making art. Also the diamond/lead light windows is actually made out of washi tape haha!


What inspired you to start your business?

I've always loved art history, paper ephemera, books and vintage illustration and bookplates involved all that in a neat little package. It's also really hard to find nice bookplates in bookshops so I endeavoured to make my own and it took off. So far I've been stocked at the National Gallery of Australia's gift shop, Berkelouw books, BookFace and other indie bookshops.


Tell us about the inspiration behind some of the pieces you’ve made. 

My first and most popular design, English Garden, was drawn when I was in England for a holiday - I brought my inking supplies to a market and had a chill day drawing the flowers. I noticed there was a particularly fat bumblebee so I even added that into the drawing. 



Who’s your favourite singer or band at the moment? 

Terror Jr.


Are you a stationery hoarder or user?

Absolutely, I tend to buy notebooks for their production quality and have more washi tape than I can fit in my stationery drawers.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making your work?

I enjoy learning about film photography, cooking, reading, looking at art.


Where can we find you?



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