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Beyond Stash World | Serpent's Sun

Beyond Stash World | Serpent's Sun


The Beyond Stash World series explores the humans behind the stickers and stationery that we have the pleasure of stocking. Learn more about what inspires your fave makers and where you can discover more of their creations.

Tell us a little about who you are and where your love of art began?

I'm Imogen and my love of art has always been there. Ever since I was little I've loved exploring my creative side. I always knew that I wanted to do something creative when I grew up.


Please describe your creative space – whether it's your art studio or the backyard.

I have a little studio room with a nice view of my tree filled backyard. It's constantly hovering between being chaotic and organised. It's super cold at the moment so you'll often find me taking up all the space on the kitchen table to paint.


SurpentSun - Studio


What inspired you to start your business? 

It started with just needing to do something with all the paintings and illustrations that were building up at home, I had to get rid of it all somehow so I just started selling it. I quickly realized I was having a lot of fun putting together orders and building a small business so just kept going.


Tell us about the inspiration behind some of the pieces you’ve made.

My artwork is inspired by a lot of things. Nature, sci-fi, fantasy, religion, philosophy, and so much more. I'm super inspired by artists such as Moebius, Alex Grey, and many, many more. Music is a big inspiration too. Sometimes I'll listen to the same song on repeat while working on a piece.


Who’s your favourite singer or band at the moment? 

I've been cycling between King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Puscifer lately.


Are you a sticker user or do you hoard them? 

I'm definitely a hoarder. I try and find the perfect spot to stick them but nowhere ever seems to be perfect enough.



What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making your art? 

When I actually have time between art and work I'll get distracted by other random creative pursuits, enjoy nature, game, feast, and lay around in the sunlight.



Of course, we have to ask, what’s your favourite piece you’ve made?

My favourite piece tends to be the piece I'm working on or have just finished. I go through stages of being really excited when working on a piece and get pretty attached to it. It's often something new I've tried in the piece that'll make me love it. So I guess that makes my current favourite piece the mushroom city I recently drew.


SerpentSun - fave work


Where can we find you? (Instagram, website, Esty etc)

Instagram: @serpents_sun


You'll find me on Instagram as @serpents_sun, where I'm usually the most active. I'm also just about to launch my new website where you'll be able to find all of my available artwork along with some apparel and other groovy little bits. 


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