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What to plan when you have nothing to plan

What to plan when you have nothing to plan

Sounds ridiculous right? Sometimes life is blissfully boring but you still want those planner spreads to look full and lively! Here are some things that I love to put in my planner on those empty weeks. A lot of these also work as great fillers for monthly spreads that sometimes get ignored.

1. Entertainment

  • TV shows - when does your fave series return? When is the next episode out?
  • Music - new music Friday is quite possibly my fave day of the week! Albums, singles, concert announcements.. endless musical happiness.
  • Movies - Most movie studios tend to release films on Thursdays in Australia. IMDb is a great place to see upcoming release dates for movies you're looking forward to. I keep track of them in monthly spreads!

2. Finances

  • Bills bills bills! Phone, internet, electricity, all those essential utilities etc, etc.
  • Pay day wooohooo!
  • Credit card / loan payments
  • Went a bit wild with the online shopping?
  • Maybe it's time to check up on your budgeting or super?
  • Payment reminders! I love a good payment reminder. Netflix, Spotify, Audible - we live on subscriptions these days and they love surprising us when our bank account least expects it.
  • Annoying and expensive car stuff (insurance, rego, service, etc) ... I don't have a car because I'm 23 and still don't have my license (oops).

3. Bin day!

  • Boring but important! Recycling day? Green waste day? Regular ol' bin day?

4. Food and health

  • I'm yet to get on the water tracking band wagon, but it seems wise. Lime and Mortar have a great range of hydration tracking stickers.
  • Meals are such an easy planner filler! Cute and versatile cutlery stickers are handy. Or maybe you're a creature of habit and need some Pizza Night stickers?
  • Grocery shopping - what do you need to remember to buy that week? What did you run out of that day? Maybe time for a fridge / pantry clean out?
  • Medication and fitness - I try to keep track of whether or not I have taken all of my vitamins.

5. General house tasks

  • There's something about putting a laundry sticker in your planner that makes you feel extra guilty if you don't do the laundry that day.
  • Those things you always forget to do - clean cycle in the dishwasher, clean cycle in the washing machine, change the heads on the electric toothbrushes.
  • Water the plants and weed the garden because they need you to keep them alive!
  • If you have pets - flee medication? Lily + Lion have an awesome range of pet stickers including this handy icon sheet.

6. When in doubt... decorate!

There's nothing that florals can't fix! Got too much white space? Chuck in a decorative full box or whatever decorative stickers you have hiding in your stash. Planning is all about being relaxed and organised for the week ahead - so don't stress about the small stuff. Just do what works for you! Don't let anyone tell you what is right or wrong.

There's heaps more where that came from!!! Hourly mood tracking, a reminder to call your grandma, the list goes on. I'll be sure to do a part two!

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