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Jessie offers mentoring and educational sessions to help you on your creative small business journey.

Specialising in turning your hobby illustrations into small physical products (stickers and stationery), while developing a meaningful and profitable brand.

About Jessie

Jessie Short is the founder of Stash World, an incredibly fun-filled online and physical stationery store that curates and collaborates with artists all over the globe. Jessie grew up in a creative small business with exposure to the art supplies and fine art world. Stationery and art retail has been part of her life for as long as she could price paint tubes at her parent's art supplies store.

Jessie has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), a Bachelor of Media and Communication (with Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology, and has studied Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design. With a unique blend of technical marketing skills and creative design knowledge, she has worked as a designer and marketing coordinator in the stationery, advertising and technology sectors.

Seven years ago, Jessie began printing and cutting stickers for fun from her desk and started the creative galaxy that is now known as Stash World. One mis-aligned sticker at a time, Jessie has produced 1000s of products and grown Stash World into a much beloved brand and community.

Jessie is committed to providing the accountability, and practical guidance that she wish she had in her earlier days of business. By learning from her knowledge, network and experiences you will map out a path to success in your own creative venture!

In-Person Sessions

For ultimate accountability and guidance, sessions are hosted in our inspiring physical Fortitude Valley location.

Pick 'N' Mix

Customise your session to focus on the topics that you most need assistance, guidance or training on.

Let's get this show on the road...

With a wave of my magical pencil wand, I grant you the ability to run a small creative business with minimal burnout and maximum joy.

Session 1: The Big Picture

What do YOU want out of your business?

This session is all about reseting your mindset so that you can make educated decisions for your creative business, that move you closer to your goal (and working out what the heck that goal even is).

Erase the anxiety and self-questioning that comes along with business based decision making. Instead, focusing on realistic, achievable and measurable goals.

You will leave this session with an audit of actionable steps and a timeline (including check-ins) for getting your ducks in a row.

Session 2: Building your Inventory

What is an affordable and scalable way to get products for your store?

Which option works best for certain products and your personal goals? DIY vs Outsourcing

Suppliers and manufacturers - who do we use and what are the costs and processes for ordering?

How to price and package your products?

You will leave this session with a list of suppliers and manufacturers, product ideas and a spreadsheet with budgets, costs and pricing.

Session 3: Marketing

Your brand and products are useless without customers! How are we going to build and grow a community of followers and fans for your work?

I can't tell you all of my secrets in this description, but I have a fool-proof method for this one.

You will leave this session with... (I want to say a plan but we both know you probably won't follow it...) so let's say motivation / encouragement / less fuzzy clouds in your head when it comes to being able to sell yourself.

Session 4: Revenue Streams

In this session, we will go over the different types of income streams that you can generate from your work. Eg. website, etsy, physcial events, wholesale, consignment, licensing and more.

You will leave this session with clarity and understanding on which platforms you want to focus your time and attention on.

Session 5: Technical Support

Need help with the nitty gritty of a task? The following technical one-on-one sessions are available as a one-off.

  • Etsy set-up and trainging
  • Website set-up (Shopify, Squarespace or Wordpress)
  • Canva - batch content creation
  • Adobe Illustrator - file preparation for manufacturing

Session 6: DIY Stickers

Have some drawings that you would love to turn into stickers? Whether it be for yourself, your mates or your business - I can show you how!

We have a printer and Silhouette Cameo available in-store for training (or you can BYO your cutter of choice).

We will go over the different method of printing, cutting and cold laminating to get the best quality out of your devices and materials!


Each session runs for two (2) hours with pricing starting at $290AUD (+GST) per session. Discounts are available for three (3) or more sessions booked.

Upon booking, Jessie will contact you to arrange a time and date and with a questionnaire. Jessie will then prepare custom content to your specific needs for each session booked.