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Beyond Stash World | Kim of K-Rae Designs

Beyond Stash World | Kim of K-Rae Designs


Beyond Stash World explores the humans behind the stickers and stationery that we have the pleasure of stocking. Learn more about what inspires your favourite makers and where you can discover more of their creations. Today we are chatting with Kim of K-Rae Designs.


Tell us a little about who you are and where your love of art began?

Hi! My name is Kim and I'm the Creative Director of K-Rae Designs. I'm a proud Bundjalung and South Sea Islander woman living on Yuggera country here in Brisbane, Qld.

Not only am I a mother of 2, but I'm Digital Illustrator and have my own online store - which is full of greeting cards, stickers, art prints, notepads, journals, apparel and more.

I've always been the arty type, did all of the art subjects at school but once leaving I lost my passion and just started working in admin.

After having my first child in 2015, I tried my hand at lettering with ink and started experimenting with different mediums, until I fell in love with digital lettering. From then, I expanded my skills and got into drawing...and I've never looked back!


Please describe your creative space – whether it's your art studio or the backyard.

My creative space is one of the bedrooms in my house until my 2 little ones get sick of sharing a room haha.

It has a large desk I found on marketplace that's much bigger than the normal office deck. This is home to my iPad, laptop, small drawers for all my stuff to pack orders, stationery and printer. The walls are adorned with art prints I've collected from some of my favourite artists.

At the moment, I have boxes full of journals and framed artworks' from my exhibition last year, that have a place underneath my desk. My cupboard draws are home to my greeting cards, prints, notepads, sweaters and t-shirts. It's a cute little office space but most of my illustrations are done from my bed or the couch haha.


What inspired you to start your business?

After having kids I knew I wanted to stay at home with them and never have to return to a 9-5 boring admin job.

So after starting up an Insta page, I decided I should start selling my little greeting cards and creations on Etsy. From then my business has boomed!

I knew I wanted to do my own thing, be my own boss and be able to stay at home to watch my children grow.


Tell us about the inspiration behind some of the pieces you’ve made.

My latest style of landscape illustrations are a mixture of realism and fantasy. I somewhat base these of the natural landscapes I grew up around.

My more cartoon style of illustrations are usually portraits of people or of things that bring me joy.

My latest illustration Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls Don't Celebrate Jan 26th is probably my favourite piece at the moment. The inspiration behind it is Invasion Day coming up on the 26th of Jan. It's actually one of the first pieces that I've created my own background with things that resonate with me and who I am.

K-Rae Designs, Sticker Sheets

Who’s your favourite singer or band at the moment?

Ooooh good question. My taste in music always seem to change with what I'm vibing at the time. At the moment I'm really into Rufus Du Soul and Budjerah...2 complete opposites hahaha.


Are you a sticker user or do you hoard them?

I'm actually a bit of both. I sometimes feel sad when I have to use one, because I feel like I'll regret it's placement and then I won't have a spare haha. Weird I know.

So I have a collection of unused stickers and then some faves that I've used on my laptop and iPad.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making your art?

I enjoy chilling with my fam, having boozy lunches with my friends and visiting the beach.

All 3 in one day and you've for one happy gurl.


Of course, we have to ask, what’s your favourite sticker you’ve made?

Ohhhh that's a hard one! I thinkkkk it would have to be my Purple Hills glitter sticker. It's just sahhh pretty, I'm obsessssssed! 

Purple Hills glitter sticker

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @k.rae.designs


Facebook: @kraedesignsau

TikTok: @k.rae.designs

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