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Donate your stationery to those in need with Stationery Aid

Donate your stationery to those in need with Stationery Aid

Stash World (Brisbane) is now a collection point for Stationery Aid. Simply bring your unused stationery in store and pop it in the collection box. 

Stationery Aid was created out of need to collect used and unused excess school stationery items rather than sending them to landfill. 

Stationery Aid aims to create a not for profit community based initiative that collects, sorts, cleans, renews and repacks school stationery items that are donated to disadvantaged students and families in need of education resources. 

Items you can donate:

  • highlighters
  • pens
  • pencil cases
  • glue
  • art books
  • paints
  • pain brushes
  • matts equipment - protractors, etc.
  • staplers and staples
  • all types of pencils
  • crayons
  • pencil cases
  • rulers
  • erasers
  • sharpeners
  • unused exercise books
  • unused note pads
  • unused scrapbooks
  • unused visual art diaries and art books
  • book covers
  • cover contact
  • folders
  • calculators 
  • musical instruments
  • headphones

Find out more information about Stationery Aid and how you can help here.   

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