Once you enter the crazy cult of sticker addicts, you can say goodbye to the expensive cheese and the bottles of wine that cost more than $10. Say hello to sticker sheets of things you never knew you needed to track and boxes, folders and other plastic storage devices to try and organise the irrationally large collection that you've managed to compile in a couple of months. I've made a small list of ways you can try and save money while building up your sticker mountain.


Destashes are a great way to score yourself a bargain when you're on a strict budget. However they can be equally as dangerous. Slowly becoming an addiction in themselves - for example, trying to comment "sold" on a sheet of bird stickers before someone else does and before you've actually mentally processed whether or not you need stickers of birds when you don't have any birds and don't even really like birds. But I'll be damned if Jenny gets those bird stickers before me! When starting out, keep your eye out for people selling large bundles of stickers for a set price. It's a great way to start your collection, and whatever you don't like you can just resell or giveaway in the destash group. Just be careful to not sell stickers for more than their secondhand value. You can join the Australia and New Zealand Planner Destash group in the link below. Planner Destash Australia and New Zealand


If you've got a decent printer, or don't mind a trip to your local Officeworks / print shop - printables are for you! The best thing about printables is that you can make an unlimited supply of them for your own personal use! There are plenty of great planner printable stores, with some of my faves being CatherinaDesigns and Plannerology Studio. You can also find plenty of free printable kits on Pinterest - here is a board that I save some of my favourites to. Some of the big pros with printables is that you don't have to pay for any postage, you can make them immediately and you can shop on international stores! The only con is having to cut the stickers out once you've printed them on your chosen adhesive paper. If you're like me and have the cutting skills of a toddler (insulting to toddlers) than it might be worth investing in a cutting machine or using a "print and cut" service (you can usually find these on etsy or through the printables site). Luckily kits are fairly easy to cut due to mostly being straight lines.


Oops bags (or sometimes referred to as oopsie bags) are a great way to try new stores with low financial risk. They are bags of sticker sheets that have minor mistakes, miscuts or were printed on old paper. Hot tip: look out for new sticker stores as they usually have a large amount of oops bags available while they learn the ropes of devil cutting machines. Most stores will release a limited quantity of oops bags irregularly, so make sure to keep an eye on the Facebook groups and other social medias of your fave stores so you don't miss out.


If you're lucky enough to live in a city that has planner meetups, take them as an opportunity to meet like minded sticker addicts and score a whole lot of free stuff! Between sticker swapping, store sponsors and raffles - you're sure to leave the meetup with a whole lot of fresh goodies. However, keep in mind that meet ups are just as much about giving as they are about taking. So bring along any goodies you won't use, or make something fun to share with the group! They are a great way to declutter some of your collection, knowing that your goodies will go to well loved, fellow planner home. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkXAwvKF6a-/ Here is a list of Facebook groups who host regular meetups in Australia: Brisbane Meetups Ipswich Meetups Gold Coast Meetups Sydney Meetups Melbourne Meetups 


Grab bags (or sometimes referred to as 'mystery bags') are similar to 'oops bags' but the goodies within them aren't usually damaged or "oops" in anyway. Instead it's just a bag of randomly selected sticker sheets - put together at a discounted price. Like 'oops bags', they're sometimes limited in releases and low quantities so make sure you keep an eye out for them!


One of the easiest ways to get carried away with stickers is when buying weekly kits. As beautiful and addictive as they are, the price of having them every week really adds up. Try to get creative in what you use in your planner. Thanks to the marvellous invention of glue pens and glue tape you can turn almost anythng into a sticker! I get a lot of inspiration from the talented Nikki over at WW Designs who makes beautiful planner spreads using sticker books, die cuts and other affordable craft materials. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjjWNJRl7YH/ Planning can also be a great tool for budgeting, so as ironic as it may be to buy "no spend" stickers - there are so many pros to buying stickers. There are far more expensive hobbies out there - so let's just keep justifying this one to ourselves. Get creative, get savvy and keep stickering!