Ready to pimp your place with a crafty flare, look no further than your light switches my friends. 
Most people have removable covers on their light switches, which come off with a touch of convincing.
Below are my covers with a mix of some of Stashworlds fab washi tape options. If you keep reading, 
I'll give you a simple tutorial on how to decorate some.
A grouping of 20 various wash tape at the top middle to right. Below sit two flat white outlet covers  on a light wooden coffee table
Pick a roll that will work nicely as a pattern, I've picked this super cute To The Stars Black Washi Tape.
Tearing washi tape using a transparent green blunt edge acrylic shaped frog head. 
Unroll some of your tape and guestimate your first length by laying it over one corner of the cover.
I use my washi tape cutter for a neat edge. Using a cutter isn't essential, scissors or simply tearing will work too. 
Place down the washi tape diagonally edge to edge to help the rows blend in. Fold over the edges to the back. 
Back of outlet with tape coming over edge
Now just keep adding diagonal rows of tape till you reach the inner corner. If your covers the corner
like mine, use a pair of scissors to cut the straight into the inner section and fold over.
Keep adding rows of tape and when you reach the edge, if like mine yours goes directly over the
corner, cut straight towards the corner of the tape then fold down. This will help it sit neatly. 
Below is an example of another I prepared earlier ;)
Ta-da! And just like that I've craft bombed my outlet covers and hopefully you've done yours too!
Tag @stashworldshop if you do :)